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How do I learn KiGG development process?

Jan 31, 2009 at 3:17 AM

Due to KiGG use lots of framework/tools and the whole project is looks pretty streamlined.  I love it a lot.  Does anyone could share the KiGG development process?

Here are some questions of mine:

1. What tool do you use when building project architecture? Or by hand? Or just kick-start by coding?
2. How many people do the architecture job? only 1?
3. How long you developing this project? I mean the initial release.
4. How many people involve in this project?  I mean the core developer.
5. How do you divide the project with different people?  I mean how you share loads to every core developer.
6. How many developer roles in this project? A archtecter + tester + .... ?
7. Do you do prototyping for this Kigg application?
8. Do you plan the Web Application Interface first then design the Database schema?

I'll so appreciated if anyone could talk about how to build a KiGG application from the ground up.  Thanks!